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Welcome to EBESS

Welcome to the East Berkshire Elbow and Shoulder Service (EBESS) which is provided by a team of dedicated individuals working with Mr Michael Thomas, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who has been working as a consultant in East Berkshire since 1994 specialising in problems of the shoulder and elbow. He leads a team of healthcare professionals which provides both NHS and private patients with consultations and treatment for shoulder and elbow problems. Although many conditions can be treated conservatively using physiotherapy or steroid injections in outpatients surgery may be necessary.  Both arthroscopic (keyhole surgery) and open techniques may be used  and you will be offered treatment at the most appropriate medical facility in  East Berkshire to best treat your particular problem (e.g. complex trauma may require specialist equipment only available at Wexham Park hospital).

Recently with the changing face of the health service NHS patients can now be referred by their General Practitioners via Choose and Book system to Mr Thomas not only to the recognised NHS facilities but also to the Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor and to the Spire Thames Valley Hospital, Wexham.
Mr Thomas regularly sees and treats the following conditions causing pain and loss of function of the shoulder and elbow. If having read the following you have any queries please contact us.



Neck pain/upper limb problems

Soft tissue injuries neck (Whiplash)
Neck and shoulder pain ? cause
Brachalgia ( arm pain due to neck problems)
Compressive Neuropathies upper limb :
Carpal Tunnel syndrome
Ulnar neuritis
Radial Tunnel Syndrome / posterior interosseus nerve compression

Shoulder conditions routinely treated include

Rotator cuff tears
Impingement and painful arc syndrome
Sports injuries
Shoulder dislocations
Acromio clavicular (AC)joint arthritis
Acromio clavicular (AC)joint dislocations
Shoulder arthritis
Frozen shoulder Calcific tendonitis
Shoulder, Humeral, Scapula and Clavicle fractures

Shoulder surgery routinely performed

Arthroscopic Subacromial decompression
Manipulation and arthroscopic release of frozen shoulder
Arthroscopic AC joint excision
Rotator cuff repair
Shoulder stabilisation
Arthroscopic SLAP repair
Shoulder replacement
Resurfacing shoulder replacement
AC joint reconstruction
Proximal humeral fracture fixation
Clavicle fracture fixation
Humeral shaft fracture fixation

Elbow problems routinely treated include

Tennis elbow
Golfers elbow
Sports injuries
Elbow arthritis
Biceps Tendon Rupture
Cubtial Tunnel Syndrome / Ulnar neuritis
Radial tunnel syndrome
Elbow dislocations
Elbow Fractures

Elbow surgery routinely performed

Tennis elbow release
Golfers elbow release
Repair of biceps tendon
Ulnar nerve release
Radial Tunnel (posterior interosseus nerve) release
OK procedure
Elbow arthroscopy
Fixation of fractures
Total elbow replacement
Radial head replacement
Stabilisation of the unstable elbow
Elbow arthrolysis
Fixation distal humeral fractures
Fixation other fractures around the elbow


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